Weekly Community Update #1

Community updates are quick summaries from members of our community about what they view as the most important advances in a certain area, what resources they would recommend, and what to expect in the future months. This update covers the date range from 08.02.21 – 08. 08. 21.

Last week in a nutshell

Last week’s summary: We had a great last week with our Algorizin Cohort 3 (also known as afs3/bfs3) ramping up their classes. We have 9 students join our tight-knit community in the 3rd cohort! Mentors Ania, Siam, Samyo and Tamzid have been taking at least one class every week. We’re very proud to keep the students to mentor ratio at only 2:1.

We also released our official YouTube channel, it’s going to be a free resource for every immigrant, feel free to share with your friends who’re not a part of the community: https://rebrand.ly/weeklymentorship

Community news that stood out

Top community news: Where do we start? We had an incredible kickoff! To mention a few we visited Itahari, Nepal with Sanjeev; Lalitpur, Nepal with Aelbish; Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria with Jonathan; Pokhara with Khum Regmi; west side of Nepal with Thaneshwor; and in Dinajpur, Bangladesh with Sajid. Here’re few pictures from our memory, feel free to join/subscribe to our Photos directory of community news: https://rebrand.ly/091vtsh 

Top acts of gratitude

Top acts of gratitude: Few students have taken the career class sincerely, the quote we say, “networking is giving”. Glad for stepping up Khum Regmi and Thaneshwor Pandey this week!

Top celebration of the week

Top celebration of the week: We’ve had our first batch of Algorizin gifts shipped! If you’re one of the receivers, it would mean a lot if you can share some pictures with our community! It would be awesome if you could send us a profile picture of you wearing the t-shirt!

Guest speaker next week

Guest speaker next week: Definitely join the career session next week with guest mentor, Shunyao Li, an associate product manager at Google. She will talk in detail about her experience in changing her career from being an Engineer to a UX designer to a Product Manager. An immigrant herself, she will provide a guideline so that you can get started on a new career path while simultaneously growing your network. Get personalized advice from her and learn from her experience to hone your new career. Get to know about tactics to get into Google as well!


in person meetup

In-person meetup: Last but not the least, we’re planning a couple of in-person meetups in the coming months. Tentative dates and locations:

  • End of August – New York Meetup
  • End of September/Early October – DC/Baltimore
  • End of October – Colorado
  • November – Texas
  • December – California

We’ll be sending a poll at the end of this week for gathering NY timing.

That’s all for this week! Thanks!

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