Weekly Community Update #2

Community updates are quick summaries from members of our community about what they view as the most important advances in a certain area, what resources they would recommend, and what to expect in the future months. This update covers the date range from 8.17.21 to 8.24.21. 

Looking back :sunglasses:

Starting off by taking a look back at the intuitive event hosted by Shunyao Li. It was truly a wonderful session, we definitely have a lot to take from her experience! The event was based on how to design a career that you enjoy and get opportunities in the area that you’re interested in. The event was overall super informative and we loved how spontaneously Shunyao spoke to every little aspect related to the agenda. Here’s the video to relive some of the moments: https://youtu.be/ZDBTziwr7mg

Thank you graphic

Top New Release :newspaper:

We have currently been working on creating our student directory for which we had reached out to all our students for some pictures. The response was GREAT!! We’re so excited to see you represent Algorizin’s “For immigrants by Immigrants” motto! :selfie::skin-tone-3:

To give you an idea of why we chose these colors: 

:large_purple_circle: Purple signifies wealth and wisdom- this is for our commitment towards making our immigrant community wiser and wealthier as a team!

:large_yellow_circle: Yellow signifies warmth and optimism- this is to ensure we keep our community supportive and helpful to stay positive in tough times!

Which color do you prefer? 


Top Acts of Leadership :mortar_board:

Our team is made of highly energetic individuals who always make us proud of their creativity, hard work and dedication. This week,  we would like to honor Romeo Hasan who has been working tirelessly to make sure the students are always having a smooth experience here. Coordinating class sessions, making announcements, planning events, managing our website, coming up with great automation solutions- you name it, he is a master of many trades. He is one of the oldest members of our team and the glue that holds us together! :gem:

What's Coming Up Next? :mag:

We are super excited to be announcing that we also have some more fun stuff cooking for you all. We are hosting a career session that will be led by Edythe Richards to discuss strategies for building a compelling resume and land your desired interview. Sign up using this link: https://rebrand.ly/6StepsBrilliantResume. Edythe has helped thousands of people find meaningful employment in her last 20 years of experience working in this field. She is the founder of A Top Career, host of several podcast series, a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) and a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW). 
There is more, we are hosting a finance session with an expert in immigrant finances (TBH mid-September, details coming soon!)
And finally, we are launching our own internal platform with a student directory by early September! 

We are super excited about everything that is happening in Algorizin and can’t wait to see you rock the purple and yellow! :purple_heart: :yellow_heart:


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